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perform-ID_900g high performance dental cleaning instrument

perform® ID

Deep cleaning and disinfection of dental impressions through complete immersion

htm-01-05-compliant product for cleaning dental instruments

Product Data

perform® -IDComposition:
1g perform® -ID contains 0.2g potassium peroxomono sulphate, 0.15g sodium benzoate, 0.1g tartanic acid. Other ingredients (according to EU recommendation): 5-15% anionic
surfactants, 5-15% non-ionic surfactants, less than 5% soap and
phosphanate, fragrance.

Chemical Physical Data

Appearance Colourless to slightly yellowish granulate
Bulk weight Approximately 875g
Odour Fresh
Temperature stability -5°C to room temperature
Use Solution:  
Appearance Colourless, clear solution
Density 875g/L
Temperature stability 0 - 40°C
pH value approx. 4.0

Special Notes

Reputable manufacturers of common impression materials point out that in order to avoid technical problems when taking the impression and during subsequent processing the manufacturers instructions must be followed exactly. This particularly applies to the correct proportions (impression / powder / water) when mixing, adherence to mixing, processing and curing times, the use of suitable impression trays and rapid and bubble free pouring of the impression with a compatible plaster often taking
the impression. The quality of the impressions and thus the quality of dental work pieces are considerably influenced by these factors.

Products that are suitable for the disinfection of impressions on applications are CE marked to demonstrate conformity to European directives. The manufacturers recommendation and instruction for the dilution of the disinfectant and immersion time must be adhered to. Disinfectants should not be sprayed onto the surface of impressions as this lessons the effectiveness and creates an inhalation risk.

When disinfecting impressions with perform® -ID particular care should be taken to ensure that the stipulated 10 minute contact time in the immersion both is observed.

Do not store the sachets above room temperature. The granulate is stable in the sealed sachet for 2 years. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Splashes onto the body should be rinsed off well with water. Working with gloves is recommended, the use solution can have a bleaching effect on sensitive fabrics.

At a Glance

  • modern, Aldehyde-free formulation
  • comprehensive microbiological effectiveness
  • tested material compatibility and dimensional accuracy for polyether, silicone and alginateimpressions
  • excellent cleaning ability, dissolves dirt, blood and saliva
  • safe and simple to use
  • CE marked in line with Medical Device Directive
  • immersion solution in line with BDA recommendation

Presentation / Accessories

perform® -ID is available in the following formats:

Product Pack Size Product Code Solution in Use Case Size

perform® -ID Sachets
122313 30 x 40g sachets 60 Litres 4 x 30 x 40g sachets

perform® -ID Tub
122305 900g tub 45 Litres 4 x 900g tubs
perform® -ID  144341  Single unit Disinfection Tray 144341 Single Unit - -

Instructions for Use

After removing impression from patients mouth rinse under running water.

Fill perform® -ID disinfection both with 2 litres of water and add 40g of perform® -ID granules.

Place the impression material in the prepared perform® -ID solution and ensure complete wetting.

Observe the 10 minute contact time. Finally remove the impression material from the solution and rinse under running water, wrap the impression in damp gauze and seal in a plastic
bag, mark clearly that the impression has been disinfected.

In line with the COSHH regulations 1999 the responsibility for ensuring impressions and appliances have been cleaned and disinfected prior to dispatch to the laboratory lies solely with  the dentist.

Used in the way described above perform® ID is also suitable for disinfecting worn dentures, dental work pieces and prosthetic materials.

Tolerability / Toxicology

LD50 (oral): 2.430 mg/Kg (rat) slightly toxic

LD50 (dermal): >5g/Kg (rat) practically non-toxic

Mucous membrane irritation by 1% solution nonirritating to mucous membranes (rabbit eyes).

Skin irritation by the 25% paste: moderate irritant (rat).

Inhalation toxicity (3% solution): toxicologically safe. perform® -ID does not have a mutagenic effect (Ames test, sperm head test in mouse – in vivo). Sensitisation: non-sensitising (acc. To B Magnussan and A.M. Kligman.)

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