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Cleaning of cleanrooms

Cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms

As a chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer, that produces infection prevention products and services to protect people and materials from infection and contamination, we feel we are the right partner for you in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medicinal product manufacture and life sciences to help you meet the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) demands placed upon the cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms.

The production process for any individual company using cleanrooms requires targeted cleaning and disinfection measures. As such our ranges consist of a variety of cleaning agents and disinfectants split into three clearly defined categories.

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  • perform® sterile perform-sterile.jpg

    All products are compliant with the biocidal product directive (BPD) and have a broad spectrum of efficacy providing you with optimum safety. All perform® sterile products are gamma-irradiated or aseptically filled and are double bagged.


  • perform® advanced perform-advanced.jpg

    Looking for high quality products but do not need them to be sterile? Then the perform® advanced range is just what you need. They comply with guidelines on biocides, are microbial filtered and manufactured under GMP conditions. More

  • perform® classic perform-classic.jpg

    A comprehensive selection of active substances with a broad spectrum of action and possible applications, in conformity with biocide regulations. All products are manufactured under GMP conditions and are of a high quality. More

  • Personal Hygiene personal-hygiene.jpg

    In addition to production hygiene, personal hygiene in particular plays and important role, with the main focus of attention is skin: hand cleansing, disinfection and hand care. More

  • Cleaning Equipment cleaning-equipment.jpg

    Cleanroom compatible materials autoclavable equipment and optimum ergonomics are just some of the advantages of our cleaning equipment. We have a selection of high quality wipes, mop heads and system trolleys.